Whose job is it now we’re all at home?

Whose job is it now we’re all at home?

1st April 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Parents are first educators

Parents are the child’s first educators not childcare workers or teachers. With Covid-19 they have the best chance ever to go beyond the social skills, table manners, bedtime routines. 

Covid-19 daily schedule

Our boys have a schedule Monday-Friday while they are at home. 

  • 9am Morning walk or Cosmic Kids Yoga https://www.cosmickids.com 
  • 10am Academic time (non digital)
  • 11am Creative time (art/music)
  • 12 Lunch
  • 12.30 Chore time, sweep, wipe, hoover, tidy up
  • 1pm Quiet time- read, write, look at books
  • 2pm Academic time (supervised digital)
  • 3pm Outdoor time- park, garden, walk
  • 4.30pm Pre dinner choice (no screens- lego, puzzles) 
  • 5pm  Dinner and bath
  • 6pm Free TV time
  • 7.30pm  Chess time
  • 8pm Bed with audio story and books

Home schooling Duncan’s view

After the first week Duncan wrote a card to Mum and Dad. 

  • ‘To Mum and Dad I luv you. I can’t wait to go back to skool”.

He had corrected his ‘luv’ to ‘love’ and his writing was more legible than it has been. However, the message was clear:- I have had enough of this home schooling… let me go back to where I can see my mates, no annoying brothers to deal with and I can eat sandwich, chips and sweet yoghurt for lunch’.  The challenge parents face is not to be underestimated. 

Storytelling impact 

Nan is chipping in with bedtime stories, stories to break the monotony of the walk home from the park. 

After one I asked  ‘ How is the walk going, did you enjoy the story?’

  • ‘Great the little ones are all asleep’ says Mum
  • ‘Good storytelling Nanny’ says Duncan. 

I was left unsure of the success of my efforts but they seemed pleased.

Smart move

In week 2 the phone rang at about 12.33pm. I had not checked the schedule. Nan was simply glad to be called and have a chatter with Duncan. We started talking about the letter he had received from me. 

I am going to do the puzzle you sent me tomorrow Nanny. We have been to the park. I rode my bike round the park 2 times. 

  • ‘ Perhaps you can try three times tomorrow’ 

Kevin chips in ‘ I want to play with the Ipad’. This repetitious request is one of the reasons access is controlled.

Duncan and I chattered on. We made it to about 12:38 when a wall shaking voice resounded towards Duncan and the phone. 

  • ‘DUNCAN, you know it’s tidy up time. YOU have cleaning to do’ 
  • ‘ But I’m talking to Nanny’. 
  • ‘Put that phone down and come and do some cleaning’ 
  • ‘Bye Duncan, we can talk again later if you like’ . 

I smiled as I put down the phone. He has learnt how to reduce his tidy up time if not avoid it altogether. Nanny unintentionally colluding.  Manipulating the environment to his advantage…smart move.

Top Tips

  • Be prepared to be a used by an artful grandson
  • Set out a schedule for the day rather than make it up as you go along
  • Send games and pics in the post to keep the golden thread that connects you real and not just virtual.