Do I like Coca Cola?

Do I like Coca Cola?

11th December 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Duncan asked as we walked home from school, What is Coca Cola?  He had seen the adverts on TV and on the streets. 

Choosing drinks is a minefield

I thought back to the day last year when I had been out all day with Kevin and Elliot visiting Museums. 

At every cafe they pressured me for ‘juice’. Knowing that the ‘cellular integrity’…meaning the fruit flesh…. was destroyed and the health benefits diminished when the orange was juiced, I resisted. 

The cartons of ‘juice’ are primarily dense sugar, fructose sugar which the boy’s bodies send straight to their livers where it makes fat. It is not like whole fruit. Thankfully they are diverted by a tasty apple. 

Great toilet cleaner

Now I’m being asked about Coca Cola. My answer was quick and crisp. 

You can clean the toilet with it. 

 I had seen this on Gransnet  where Luckyduck said ,To clean a lavatory? Pour in a can of coke cola around. Leave it for a few minutes. Result Sparkly clean’

Duncan mused then ‘ Uggghhh, but Zena drinks it and says it’s good’. 

Well, it is made to taste good but actually Coca Cola damages your teeth. It is made of chemicals not fruit. It has nothing else in it, other than water, which is safe for you. Why not just drink water Duncan?

A little experimentation can help

He looked down. Can I try it? 

When you are a bit older you can try it. But you need to understand what it does to your body first. Maybe we can do an experiment to see what Coca Cola, and water do to dirty copper coins. 

Duncan looked confused. ‘Why? ‘

Well if the fluid changes the look of the coin that tells you something about what it will be doing inside your tummy if you drink it. 

Ok let’s do it, smiled Duncan. 

The experiment was soon underway. We put original Coca Cola in a small sealed plastic pot with a penny. We did the same with a pot of water. 

We looked at each of them every now and then over the following 72 hours. Nothing changed for the one in the water. Meanwhile Coca Cola had done a lovely job cleaning the coin. 

For a while at least Duncan has gone off the idea of trying Coca Cola. 

Top Tips

  • Try reading the ingredients…there is little that is recognisable in the list unless you are a chemistry expert and nothing that is nutritious
  • Like everything sugary it is addictive, damages your teeth and has no health benefits
  • Understanding what it does to coins does not mean you will win against the multi billion marketing budget  to persuade the children it is good, but trying is worth it. 
  • Plant the seeds of doubt about Coca Cola – pop and often as possible
  • Avoid instructions and rules…they are made to be broken.