Washing his Boyological bits

Washing his Boyological bits

4th September 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Novice Nanhood thoughts

As a novice Nan of a boy I was stumped when it came to cleansing.

How do I clean him?  His face, arms, feet,legs are familiar. His boyological equipment was not.

I turned to a friend,  expert in baby health and care. “How do I wash his equipment? Do I wash under the foreskin” ….

Rapidly following his intake of breath came “No, no, NO …..no leave it alone.

Washing the equipment

This is what I learnt. Wash the area in the same way I wash  my hands.

  • With hands I wash between the fingers (proxy for each part of the Boyology bits…the  spray gun /balls/crotch).
  • With the crotch I carefully and gently was around it all.  
  • I do not forage under the foreskin.

Boyology wrinkles

A novice Mum asked me ‘ can you use anti wrinkle cream to get rid of the wrinkles on testicles’.

My answer? Baby wrinkles are natural wherever they are. No amount of these unregulated  creams will make a difference.

Washing poo away 

Keep it simple when washing residues of poo and wee.  A wash with warm water is usually enough. I add a little baby oil if I have a sticky poo problem.

One day when the youngest was just 2 and having his nappy changed after a poo he showed that he was getting more aware of his body. He had heard his older brother learning about privacy.

He shouted ‘ my pxxxs my pxxxs ‘ very loudly over and over.

His Mum explained that it was indeed his own but he needed help in keeping it clean until he could manage himself. Not far away.

His tiny brother waddled up with a tissue and thrust it forward. So sweet. Even he could understand something important was happening.

Be careful with baby products 

Check out https://www.babycentre.co.uk/a115/caring-for-your-babys-genitalsAvoid using baby products made with soap and baby wipes containing alcohol or perfume. These can disturb the natural balance of your baby’s skin’.

Environmental friendly Nanhood

Baby wipes can be convenient to carry but any perfumes may annoy or inflame babies skin.

Wipes are not good for the environment. They should not be flushed down a toilet even if the pack says they can be. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/44034025

My [never never never] thought is:

  • Never wash under the foreskin unless advised otherwise by a health expert
  • Never apply beauty creams to babies they are beautiful already
  • Never flush wipes