Valentine’s Day Bathtime Scare

Valentine’s Day Bathtime Scare

12th February 2021By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Glitter Festooned

There had been a lovely family celebration. The table was festooned with little pieces of glitter, tiny red hearts and glorious treats. But now it was time to tidy up and the boys to get ready for bedtime.  Valentine’s Day was over.

Now a Family Affair

As a family the approach to Valentine’s Day was to share the love. Leave behind the 1-1 adult only approach where men are supposed to show women how much they adore the service and time they are given. With its roots in at least the 14th century Valentine’s Day was a heterosexual look at romantic love change has been slow.

Who gets the rose?

In better times restaurants work hard to attract the lucrative couple market. The box of bulk purchased roses lays with each ready to be offered to the starry eyed couple when they pay their bill. 

I am amused by the confused faces of the waiting staff as to whether they should offer a rose to the same sex couple. ‘Life used to be much simpler’,  one said! Not if you were a single sex couple.

A very personal pocket indeed!

My mind drifted back to a past post Valentine’s bathtime tale. 

Chattering between the adults doing the washing up meant a short delay before the silence in the bathroom raised a concerned look between Mum and Dad. 

Dad stepped forward and pushed the door wide open. There was Kevin quietly sitting cross legged with his penis between his fingers. 

He was carefully, and clearly painlessly, pulling back his foreskin. Dad winced and asked what he was doing while noticing an amount of glitter in the bath. 

‘I’m saving it’

‘Saving what Kevin?’

‘The glitter, I am putting it in my pocket for later. I want to keep it in my secret pocket.’ 

Kevin had reasoned that the ‘flappy bit’ at the top of his penis must have some use. Now he had found one. 

‘Ok…… well….. It’s not a pocket Connor’. 

Connor looked up with a frown. 

Dad takes over

‘No mate it is some skin that is there to protect the top of your penis which can be a bit delicate. If you put things in or under it that might make the head of your penis very sore. I think it would be better to give the glitter to me and I will look after it’

‘Ok, Dad’  and it was handed over. 

The whole tale resonated with the careful pocketing of ‘Zuzu’s petals’ in It’s a Wonderful Life Both glitter and petals so dearly loved and cared for by their young owners. Dads who respected their little ones views. And a time to ensure that whether glitter or petals Kevin or Zuzu were happy.

Top Tip

  • Never ever underestimate the creative thinking of a child