To wear or not to wear a mask

To wear or not to wear a mask

16th October 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

I have been social distancing since March. On my daily exercise or occasional shopping trip I have worn a mask, glasses and gloves throughout. 

Is refusing sensible?

The Lancet systematic (= very detailed) review of masks and social distancing says, ‘Transmission of viruses was lower with physical distancing of 1metre or more, compared with a distance of less than 1m… Face mask use could result in a large reduction in risk of infection… eye protection also was associated with less infection’ 

So I have been doing the right thing. My daughter and her family have taken the same action. We had a decision to make to increase the chances of staying well and seeing each other.  The prospect of cuddles won. 

Masking up my grandsons

I love this new reality… the Government is giving us sewing lessons. A day I never thought I would see

The boys all love their masks. They have each chosen their own designs. None of them are old enough to be required to wear masks. The guidance on mask wearing says they have to be over 11. But they want to be like their parents and grandparents. 

Breaching civil liberties?

Those who declare that mask wearing is a breach of their civil liberties need to ‘ get a life’. Does it mean I can argue that my civil liberties are breached if your germs get near my body too? 

Avoiding germs

Launching germs through a cough or a sneeze can be stopped with a mask. Our children have less ability to anticipate when the sneeze is coming. I am old enough to know. A mask saves me needing to find my hanky should a sneeze blast out. 

With Covid-19 the droplets which leave my mouth when I talk, laugh or sing are as dangerous as the flying ones. As yet the science is not sure about whether Covid-19 germs hang in the air and travel as an ‘airborne’ risk. But they might…so wearing a mask helps here too. 

Better health with masks than without

Bringing up the boys to respect others includes teaching them how to cover sneezes and coughs. Masks make that so much easier. Perhaps we will all have less colds and less chance of the age old flu next winter. 

Communication in a mask

When I wear a mask the boys are learning to read my eyes in ways they would never have done before. If my eyes smile they laugh. When my eyes frown they look worried. It is quite remarkable. 

The biggest challenge is keeping the masks on and comfortable for the boys. So here are some tips 

Top Tips 

  • Elastic fitting needs to be narrow – avoids bending ears
  • Material should be 100% cotton- reduces heat 
  • Pattern needs to be fun
  • Whole family need to wear them
  • Treat them the same as putting a coat on. 
  • Wash them every use.