The rude awakening of newborn nappy changing

The rude awakening of newborn nappy changing

11th September 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

I had completely forgotten how tiny and helpless newborn babies are. My first meeting with my Grandson was gentle fragile and curious.

I had also forgotten the power of the pee.

Meeting my new Grandson was a gentle fragile and curious affair. Days passed.  Mindless chatter, songs, stories of his life to come, sounds, face twists punctated the days of feeding, wetting, sleeping and waking.

Keeping his attention during nappy changes

Trying to remember nursery rhymes …what a good test for my memory.  Oddly the memory opened with a key number like 24 …blackbirds made in a pie …or a word like ‘ spider’ …incy wincy spider flooded back.

Nappy changing was made more joyful for both of us with a rhyme.

More and more facial contortions were required to hold his attention. Blowing bubbles on his tummy or counting toes …’one little piggy went to market…. Gained his attention.

Getting a water spray

But then the blast came. Straight into my face. I had leant forward with the criscendo of the ‘ last little piggy ran all the way home…’’ running my tickling fingers across his tummy when it happened.

He laughed and I screwed up my face to minimise the wee running down it to my mouth. Grabbing for a wipe…..all just used. Squinting round the table for a tissue. Holding his tummy with my hand to ensure he was safe.  A nearby towel provided the answer.

Time to think

A nappy in place. Baby quietly resting on floor. Was he wondering what Nan was fussing about? Doubt it.

This angelic land of cuddles and calm had been jolted. I had my rude awakening.  

Boyology meant a fountain of wee rather  than the discrete flow I was used to with my girl.

How do I prevent another spray hit? Place a tissue or baby wipe  over the pipework immediately on removal of his nappy. It contains any sudden jet  long enough to get the next protective pad in place. Let it float gently into place. Don’t press on it or the spray may be triggered early. We all know that feeling of pressure on a full bladder? Babies are no different, just less control over their response. I was the one doing the yelping not the baby.

My ever growing experience of  Grandsons gives me the confidence to say

Every man on this earth has pee’d in his own face.

Tip of the blog

  1. Keep a man size tissue box by you
  2. Float the tissue first when nappy changing.