Teenage View of Society Today

Teenage View of Society Today

13th November 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Teenagers can be grumpy, surly and silent. But inside that changing body is a a growing mind. Freya is just 13 years old. She was asked to think about discrimination. She thought about the news, her life, those she knows and then put finger to keyboard. She produced this excellent summary of why Discrimination is wrong.

Discrimination in Society Today

  • I am the kid that people call ‘weird’ because I like different things to others. I am the kid people call a ‘geek’ because I want to do well in my studies. Truth is I personally don’t find it hurtful when people call me weird or a geek. I don’t believe these are things for me to be ashamed of.  The world is changing. Discrimination in society today is no longer accepted – the majority of people as they mature can see that discrimination for gender, religion, sexuality, race, disabilities and many others is just not something that the world accepts nor should they.


  • Black Lives Matter is a movement which has recently started to change people’s thoughts that Black Lives are important and that for too long people from Black backgrounds have been forgotten about in society. So many, including The Premier League, have stood up to this by ‘taking the knee’ as the match starts and showing their support to Black Lives.


  • Gender discrimination is very common particularly when you are older and work.  As a woman you are often overlooked for top positions simply because you are female. Women had to fight to be able to vote and have equal rights to men.


  • My Auntie is a lesbian. People use this word in an insulting manner which I don’t understand. Just because of her sexuality it doesn’t mean she is any less of a person than anyone who is straight. No one can help the way they feel about people. She doesn’t discriminate against me for being straight. She still buys me the best birthday and Christmas presents. And she is so clever, she has a law degree. Yet she has been discriminated against because of her sexuality.


  • Discrimination also exists is in peoples’ religion. Many Muslims are discriminated against because of their faith and what others who claim they are Muslims have done in the world like terrorists who say they follow the Koran – this is untrue. The Muslim faith is very peaceful and does not tolerate war or terrorism.


  • My Mum’s friend has just had a beautiful baby.  He is absolutely adorable from the pictures I have seen and is loved by his parents and brother.  He has Downs Syndrome.  He will unquestionably face discrimination in his life time for his learning disability however to me I think he is the most amazing little boy – to be born with a hole in his heart means he’s a miracle.

Unfortunately despite all of this – discrimination does still exist in narrow minded people. If you think any of these are ok after hearing this then I feel sorry for you. Maybe you have your own insecurities that make you unable to be accepting of people for who they are.


Freya’s  teachers gave her a distinction for her work.  A shout out to our educators who encourage young people to think broadly and openly as well as to parents who encourage a thinking approach to our Society.