#Socialdistancing? Not from my grandsons.

#Socialdistancing? Not from my grandsons.

25th March 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

How it was

My grandsons are an almost daily part of my life. I have been happily helping out with extra childcare since early January due to the endless array of illness affecting my daughter’s young family. It has been tonsillitis, colds, ear infection, foot infection, more colds, norovirus and repeat visits from most of them. Then along came the coronavirus. 

Prison Governor

The tables are turning. I am the one ‘at risk’..well not literally but close enough for my daughter to become my prison governor. The tribe of boys are still young. They need help and practical support. But they are not likely to suffer serious effects of coronavirus but I may.

Role reversal

Young people who die are 1:1000 and elders over 80 1:12. The odds are not stacked in many Nans favour.  The thought of ‘ no Nanny ever again’, is filling my daughter with the unrelenting desire to protect me. It feels strange. She is shopping for me, advising me, instructing me and getting the boys to call me. 

Emotional pain

This is all very sensible but sensible does not fill the hole left by no cuddles, no games, no laughter together.  I am pretty tech savvy so I have started a Grans Games Group where Granny friends can play games against each other or better still come up with ideas to entertain the kids at a distance.

Impact at a distance

I have started writing down my imaginary stories https://www.nanhood.com/imaginary-stories-or-who-needs-books-anyway/ and recording them for the boys to listen to. Duncan phoned me to give his words for the first. It became Brian the Big Bad Bug. The next ‘ Pink, Red, Box story and’ the third ‘ Bubba Robot’. 

Nan hypnosis

On the day the first was sent I had received a message saying the boys were ‘ being monsters’ and not eating their tea. I suggested using the recorded story in case Nan’s voice had a hypnotic effect on them. It worked. A video showed the boys quietly eating their tea listening to the story. At the end they asked for another story. 

The future will be better

But all of this cannot replace the hole that the #socialdistancing leaves in my life with their forced absence. I have nothing but bottomless adoration for them.  The laughter and joy they bring. .Do they understand I am not intentionally staying away? I do hope so, only time will tell. 

Top Tips

  • Find new ways to show the love  https://www.nanhood.com/grans-games-group-coronavirus-survival/ 
  • Let your super Nan come forth with creative ideas
  • Share the pain with your peers they probably feel the same way.