Mission Impossible  achieved- Bedrooms make great playrooms

Mission Impossible  achieved- Bedrooms make great playrooms

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Bedrooms make great playrooms but there can be consequences.. The play boundary between  one boy’s space and another has been a matter of daily management for some time . 

Property  protection starts early 

The oldest started out with “ I would like my brother to sleep in my room”. “ By the time he was four it was “he’s not to play on my bedroom”. To fit in all the drawers, games acquired over 4 years  and the school and play clothes the bedroom door had been been removed. His room was forever open. His little bro had free access and took his opportunity to use it when he could. As he was rarely upstairs in the daytime it was not oo much hassle. Night time was another matter. 

 Security detail goes into action

The day was coming when the cot side would have to be removed. Escape would be constrained by a door gate. This was introduced in advance of the removal of the cot side. The baby bedroom door would be opened but only to be faced with a gate. Containment would continue, That is until Somone forgot to put the gate on. 

At about 5am Kevin moved out of his room with the skill of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. A review of the video monitor showed he had pulled himself up,  flung his leg over the side of the cot. A wabble  then he landed on a cushion strategically placed on the floor. Not a sound. Quietly, as if aware of the risk of waking his parents he opened the door. Not a word. 

What happened next was not filmed but I guess he pondered the options. Straight ahead an open doorway, to his right the stairs and to his left his parents room where the door was ajar, While a trip downstairs would result in more things to play with it would require a pivot over the stair gate. Undoubtedly the play motive would be better fulfilled by going straight across. 

But rather than simply start playing with the array of toys he decided to see if he could get a playmate too. He did not scream out as one might expect of an 20month old.  He smoothly climbed up the three large steps to the top bunk where his brother lay sleeping. 

He sat at the top , looked at his bro and started stroking his head. The silence broke.  

A scream “ Mummeeeee the baby is in my bedroom”.

A shattered mother fling herself out of bed and next door to find the baby siting crossed legged, now in the top bunk and smiling “ play play” …. order was rapidly resumed. No playtime, more sleep but as any parent knows getting toddlers back to sleep at 5am is a tough call. To his bed or the parent bed? That is a matter for another blog

Top tips

Be prepared you may have a natural climber far earlier than you expect

Tired parents make mistakes 

Double checking security can be worth it.