Keeping your child safe 

Keeping your child safe 

3rd January 2020By nanhoodadmin1 Comment

Your body is your own

While a personal interest in one’s own body is healthy and normal for any child the interest of others in what is inside your pants is wrong. 

Don’t let embarrassment stop you

Explaining to a pre-schooler that anyone trying to look down or put their fingers in your pants is wrong, can be embarrassing. Embarrassment can mean adults do not  deal with keeping children safe. Please get over it. A child’s safety…boys or girls– must be addressed. 

Timing may be obvious and early

We first thought words about personal safety and privacy might be needed when one of our little boys crawled up between the legs of his brother who was watching the TV. This was post bathtime and PJs had not yet been put on. The baby started to pull at the curious appendage dangling temptingly before him. He was abruptly told to leave it alone. 

Now was the time to introduce the Pantosaurus  

Here is the Pantosaurus The Pantosaurus was created by the NSPCC to help children understand how to keep themselves safe. PANTS stands for 

  • Private
  • Always remember your body belongs to you
  • No means NO
  • Talk about secrets that upset you
  • Speak up Someone can help

Repeat repeat repeat

At 3 and 4 and 5 my grandson loved watching the video and then being able to practice saying ‘NO’ very clearly and assertively. He chose his Mum to tell if anything he did not like that happened to him. Although a known and trusted nearby adult would do.  

We return to Pantosaurus regularly as the safety and protection message needs regular repetition. He has become a family friend. 

Top Tips

  • If you feel too embarrassed, find someone who is not 
  • Mention the Pantosaurus to the school you use in case they want to use it
  • Let the NSPCC know how it goes