Home education

Home education

15th May 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Home schooling was not something we had ever considered. There is a nearby homeschooling room for families to gather. We do have a friend who has very successfully homeschooled both of her children. But when homeschooling is thrust upon the family it is a different story. 

Working at home and teaching

Parents are now expected to work at home and simultaneously school their kids.  The task requires a lot of space and military organisation. For those without either it is a truly challenging time. One desperate friend has called on Granny to move in to handle the home education so she and her husband can work. 

For any child under about 9 years of age self managed learning is a struggle. Even with a little start up motivational speech by a parent keeping your mojo and resisting the temptations of youtube , streaming and whatsapp is tough for any under 18. 

Is home teacher your next career?

It may be that some parents are loving the home educator role. They may feel that their child is progressing far faster and better within the small family group than in the large class.  When Covid-19 lockdown is over I wonder if there may be a spike in home education? 

There are  long established  rules about home education,  set out here https://www.gov.uk/home-education . There are  things to consider 

  1. What does your child think of the idea of not going back to or starting school?
  2. Do you have the ability, resources and time to teach your child?
  3. Is their space, calm and capacity to teach at home?
  4. How would you handle the teaching if you were ill?
  5. Can you provide the social, cultural and physical activity that your child needs to develop?
  6. Are you clear about your long term commitment?

Legally you do not have to inform the school or local authority that you intend to teach at home in the long term (children are in education from 5-18 years ) but it is sensible to do so as they can support you. Like the little hut in the playground near us. 

Respect to teachers

Maybe for most parents this is the time to show greater respect for teachers and assistants for the amazing work they do for educating our children. Their job is complex and we are finding it with the 5 year old. 

Creativity is creaking

Our creativity is being stretched to the limits. This summer term Duncan’s learning includes  LS Lowry, what it means to belong to Christianity or Islam, Hip Hop music appreciation, creating a video about cooking, making healthy choices, where we are on earth, reporting on ‘my area’, identifying plants, understanding money, fractions, multiplication and division and that is not the lot!!! 

Top Tips

  • Be aware that home education is a long term job once started
  • We may all have learnt we need to learn more to support our kids
  • Be in awe of the teachers who teach our kids day in day out.