Grans Games Group- coronavirus survival 

Grans Games Group- coronavirus survival 

18th March 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Filling the gap when we are in #selfisolate 

With schools about to close for the coronavirus, many of us are unable to see our grandkids. This is a huge gap. I thought it would be supportive to have an online group among my Gran friends having the same sense of loss. We are now sharing our ideas of games for the children wherever they are. 

Virtual or real connections

Some of us live with our grandchildren while others have many miles between them and their little ones. Hence some ideas can be used virtually and others need you to be in the same room. 

Games to try

There are lots of sites enabling the sharing of fun ideas but many want our data or our money or both. So I thought I would share the ideas that my GGG has come up with for FREE. If you want to add yours to future blogs do email me at

    • Imaginary stories – building on my blog I have started recording the stories onto an audio and sending these to the boys to listen to. I still ask them for the words to get started which gives us the focus for a chat too. 
    • Beetle. You need a dice, pencil and paper. Throw the dice. You can start with a 6. Draw a body, throw a 5 add a head, throw a 4 add an eye, a 3 for an antennae, 2 for a mouth and 1 for a leg. The final beetle must have two legs,antennae, and eyes,  one mouth, head and body and six legs. First to complete wins. Photograph the final pics and share them
    • Art using coloured paper, stamps, ink pads, glue, blank card available from ‘The Works’ .  Create a wealth of pictures around which you can build stories. The twist is that the grandparents have to do the creations and the children grade their efforts. 
    • Planting Grans and kids all plant sunflower or tomato seeds in their plant pots or gardens on the same day wherever they are. They report to each other about the progress, share pics and on an agreed day they measure them, post pictures or write up how plants grow as suits
    • Story telling Read a story a day to the distant grandchildren using Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp 
    • Personal Plant pots With the grandchildren clear out old shoes and wellies. Make them into plant pots. Either fill with bedding plants or seeds. Pop them into bedrooms or window sills with a watering plan for each. 
    • Boil and paint eggs before eating or displaying. 
    • Paint stones with poster or acrylic paint the place them around the garden, in the window boxes, as decoration
    • Treasure hunt using riddles that take you from one place to another around the house or outside.  The treasure can be homemade chocolates or a promise. Check out the recipe at 
    • Indoor Camps  Using cushions, chairs or an old travel cot with a zip side you can make a camp for little ones to hide, read, chatter or sleep in.


Beyond the games 

I am so missing seeing my grandchildren. A Granny mate suggested I ask my daughter to build in an online chat into the schedule she has created for them.  She loved the idea. 

Keeping Fit

There is no much chance of our boys doing anything other than burn energy and keep fit even around the house. The two year old uses a broom handle to do press ups on the kitchen floor. His choice. As their bodies are growing they do need to take care with exactly what adult exercises they mimic.

Useful websites

These are recommended by my whatsapp Grans Games Group very useful material linked to school learning. Available by key stage/age.



Top Tip

  • Join forces with your peers to get through this.