Getting Poo in the Pan

Getting Poo in the Pan

30th September 2019By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Early efforts at weeing in the family toilet -a challenge.

Boy or girl, their bottoms will not fit the family pan. To balance, every child needs to hold on to their carer or the rim of the pan. Not the most hygienic but it could be so much worse If they lean back when sitting or lose their  grip on the seat rim

That sinking feeling

The inevitable happened when wee man was bellowing

  • “I’ve done a poo in the pan.. I’VE DONE A POO……
  • Help , help HELP Nannnnnneeee…

In what felt like milliseconds I arrived through the open  toilet door to see wee man’s bottom had disappeared. He had enveloped. His knees were quickly closing in on his chest.  I countered the downward motion as I grasped his hand. He was calm. I slowly pulled him out.

“Oh No” we said in unison….. Poo spread like chocolate icing all over the cheeks of his bottom. A trip to the shower was called for. At least unlike his baby brother he could walk to it  once toilet tissue had removed the excess.

Toilet seats for boys are different

The answer is a child seat placed on the toilet pan to make the hole smaller. I was surprised to learn that these seats are differently designed for boys and girls. While there is no need for gendered design features such as pink or blue boys do benefit from a lip which prevents the outward spraying. A boy does not have the size of urinary equipment to ensure a downward aim. For girls this does not matter.

A boys child seat can work for a girl but not readily the reverse.

Tip Time

  • There is no harm in a well cleaned second hand child toilet seat available on a number of sales websites.
  • If you have a boy using a girls seat encourage them to push their Boyology downward before they start to wee.
  • There are travel potties which can be stood on a floor have replaceable plastic bags which are easy to fit and make a journey less of a problem.