Getting a wee on target

Getting a wee on target

19th June 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

All the boys are at different stages of learning to wee into the toilet. We have the older ones consistently standing but sometimes forgetting the forward lean and the little ones sitting but forgetting to poke their penises downward.

The errors result in a mix of wet toilet seats, wet floors, wet legs and hands.

Boys have to practice

I had always thought it was easy for boys. But it requires more learning and practice for boys than girls who simply sit on the toilet and let it flow.

As a child my daughter thought it looked super cool to stand up and wee. She tried it but found it to be less than cool. She had attempted to stand with a leg either side of the toilet pan. Not easy at 8 years old. The flow covered her legs and trousers. She returned to the Sunday dinner table. She refused to sit then burst into tears. A quiet word and a quick change and all was well. She got a ‘star’ for effort. I later had a discussion of Boyology and Girlology with her.

For her son the learning came from his Dad. I saw no need to intervene until one day on a visit to me, at the end of his wee, the ‘pupil’ shook his hips vigorously spraying his drips up my wall and towel.

“What on earth are you doing’, I asked?

“ Daddy told me to shake my penis after I finished” …. Time for words with Daddy.

The “lost in translation point” was that the shake has to come from the fingertip held penis being shaken, not him shaking his hips. We agreed to hold on to the ‘shake it all about’ plan and revert to the tissue tap.

Women can stand too

As the days of coronavirus have closed all the public toilets I have had to learn that women can now pee standing up too. The purchase of a Shewee has opened up a new freedom I can now stand, hips thrust forward and get every drop in the pan. This gives me the freedom to stand discretely when out and pop the rubber tube into an empty bottle which can be secured for disposal in a hygienic manner later. There is also a Peebol, a ‘pocket sized toilet’ suitable for all members of the family to perform and take it home. Oh what a wonderful world.

Top Tips

  • Think about buying a Shewee for yourself Grannies and Nans
  • Know that it takes time for boys to hit the target too.
  • Girls can wee standing up with a little help
  • Put a weighted plastic ball in the bottom of the pan as a target for the boys to hit when they are standing up to wee. But remember to take it out when a poo alert is called