From nappy to pants- an accident zone

From nappy to pants- an accident zone

20th March 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Too far too fast

With Connor we pushed him too far too fast. He was simply not ready. He liked to sit on the potty with a book. It was a favourite chair for quite a while, but no more.

The signal to watch for

With Dustin we waited until he showed signs of awareness and dislike. When the words ‘ Nan poo poo’ with a hand on his nappy and a twisted face of disgust were heard we knew we were getting close.

‘Try and tell us before the poo is on your bottom’ ..’Okay Nan’ … a few weeks more of ‘ Nan poo poo’ and then …..

Success and failure wrapped in one

” Sit on the potty and try” ….. Success…. “No don’t put your hand in it ” ….

”NO not on your head” … Straight to the shower with as few drips as possible falling on me, furniture and floor.  

For our trainee potty boy this is just another playtime. Magic liquid might appear in a pot after he sits on it….

Wee man thinks,  

  • I can pick it up just like the pots of water I can play with in the bath, at the children’s centre and in the garden’….
  • But this time Nan does not laugh and smile when I play with this pot of water.
  • MY water is different it’s  special. Nan does not seem to want me to throw it around.
  • Nan’s face is all funny…..
  • Being slung under Nan’s arm and a high speed run to the shower is fun, I do like showers….mmmmm

My greatest surprise

At IKEA where we were eating veggie balls for lunch.  Elliot had ventured into the well placed play area with his brothers. I was enjoying a few moments peace to drink my cuppa.

Then I saw a veggie ball on the surface by the play space. I went over ready to reprimand. ‘ You cannot leave your food there, eat it up’. But on closer inspection it was not a veggie ball but a ball of poo. It had been carefully extracted from Elliots nappy. He smiled and suggested he show me how he did it. I declined. We set off for the change area while Mum watched the rest of the team.

Tip Tips

  • Learning that your wee is not for drinking, playing or touching is an important lesson but not one which should make a little one think that there is something wrong with it.
  • Be very patient…any sign of stress or anger in those early days and it will get more difficult.
  • Later if there is clear mischief when he really understands what he is doing treat like any other misdemeanor with calm indifference scaling up through your ‘wrongdoing’ menu of behaviour management.