Feed the Parents

Feed the Parents

12th August 2019By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Both new parents need to care for themselves. But there is no time. A #Nanhood job ( or Grandad, Uncle or other helpful cook) was to feed the new parents. A wonderful friend — Jellybean–an experienced health visitor suggested this to me. 

As a new Nan I am supporting cast, not centre stage. How do I help these new parents when they are the ones who need to get to know their son first ? There are plenty of presents and visits from family and friends. Plenty of advice from health professionals. So what can Nan do? 

Whatever it is the balance is….not to take control but to be there to do what is needed. It may be shopping or cooking or cleaning. 

For me cooking was the answer.  ‘Feed them’…so right and so simple. 

Plan food and meals  ahead 

Plan ahead a selection of quick grab snacks or wholesome main dishes. As a full time working Nan for this helped manage my time too. Dishes can go into the freezer.  I will know every ingredient. 

Food options

Quick grab foods like homemade energy bars. I suggest ‘homemade’ as the ingredients of commercial snack bars contain far too much sugar. Make your own and you can control it. You can make them ‘to taste’ not to addiction. 

Homemade ice cream and chocolates using natural sweeteners and small amounts at that help the need for a fatty diet.  No high fructose corn syrup in the homemade version. HFCS is in increasingly common use as a commercial sweetener but it is linked to fatty liver and obesity. 

Sugar can be in savoury foods, pre packed in supermarkets too. Mum’s liver needed protection and so did that of her baby. 

Sugary dishes provide quick energy but the sugar downside is it makes you feel hungry soon after the boost wanes. 

Top Tips

  • Energy Bars 150g each of Butter/ Oats. 50g each of dried apricots/ dates/raisins/dried berries/coconut flakes or desiccated . 25g each of your choices of two different types of nuts and 2 different types of seeds. Melt the butter, mixed ingredients into it thoroughly. Press out with clean fingers. Mark out the flattened mix in the size of the pieces you want. Cook at 160 C  for 25mins. Cool, cut along the marked lines and store.  All ingredients can be varied to suit taste too.  If this is not sweet enough for you add 50g natural honey… Natural means it goes hard in the jar if left not the squeezable type which has been processed. Add it at the same time as the butter. The warmth will loosen it up.

If this is still not sweet enough do think about what that might suggest about your diet …are you a sugar addict? 

  • Chocolate pieces: 100g raw cacao butter (nothing added to it) , 50g raw cacao powder, 2 dessert spoons of melted organic honey. Chopped nuts or berries for flavour or a squirt of essence e g peppermint, vanilla or almond. Steam melt the butter, whisk in the powder slowly, add the honey, add essences, nuts or dried berries. Pour carefully into an ice cube tray. Put in the fridge or freezer to harden. This takes about 30mins