Design a Dinner

Design a Dinner

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Designer dinner or was that Design a dinner? 

Making food look interesting is usually a winner. Kids have to learn to love food. While they will eat not starve what they eat is learnt from what they see, how it is approached and what they taste.  Let your artistic self flow

Making a face 

It is extending the idea of the old favourite ginger bread man or potato head where the parts can be bitten off and the face in their case deconstructed usually with much fun and laughter. 

For dinner use mashed potato. Spread it out on the plate in the shape of a face. White potatoes or the more orangey sweet potatoes or a mix all work. A favourite is the ‘Nan burger’ –recipe comes later. It can be the face base or a feature. 

For the eyes something round like toddler sized falafel or slices of specially crafted coin sized homemade chestnut or lentil burger.  A couple of carefully cut slices of red pepper make great red lips, The top can be surrounded by peas as hair and the ‘chin by sweet corn if a beard is requested. Carrots can make big or small ears.

Variety and flavour

Choose foods which provide dietary variety, colour and end up with a fun face to eat.  As the boys grow older they have become involved in choosing the art to be created. The condition for the game…’ You must eat it all up. 

Recipe: Nanny Burgers

Fry an onion in olive oil with a chopped garlic, when soft add thinly sliced carrots and fry a couple for a couple of minutes. Add a full pack of Quorn mince or if you prefer try a large amount of chestnut mushrooms chopped very small. Add a panatta or tin of tomatoes ( checking there is no added sugar or salt), frozen peas, some chickpeas and cook until all are soft. I use a pressure cooker and it takes about 4 minutes. Put a slice of multigrain bread into a mixer and chop up, for the older boys I add a few nuts too. Add about a third of the Quorn mix into mixer and an egg whisk it all together and it will be soft and you can shape it into sausages or burgers, then fry in olive oil. These can be stored as can the remainder of the mix. 

Top Tips

  1. Let your creative self flow into the meal making
  2. Keep your creation colourful
  3. Think ahead and make enough to store for unexpected demands
  4. Nanny burgers can make great mini-meals on the hoof.