Boys bits baffle

Boys bits baffle

28th August 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Talking  about boys ‘equipment’

I was born of a woman. I am a woman. I gave birth to what is now a beautiful strong woman.

And then came the news “It’s a boy”.   So what would be different about having a boy?

Helpfully the news came well in advance of his arrival so I was able to ask around.

Describing his ‘equipment’ here

Boys and girls are designed to complement each other.  They each have ‘ equipment’. Equipment I would like to describe by its biologically correct name but here I cannot.

In these days of ‘search and find’ the term too easily attracts people for quite the wrong reasons. Euphemisms have become a protective necessity.

Chatting about boys bits (anatomy)

Do use the real terms for the equipment when talking to your grandsons or granddaughters.

How humiliating to find out that your parents and grandparents have lied to you when you get to a school biology class.

Just how difficult is it to discuss something and to make sense of it when  different words are used for the same things?

Using slang words risks the snigger and giggle response.  It becomes a competition in the playground to know the most vulgar or the latest term.  

Understanding when and where to use slang matters. If children hear slang from us they will use it.

Here is a list of slang words  for boys equipment.  The list is mind bogglingly long.

Top Tips

  • Have a home habit of using the correct names for boys anatomy
  • Have a public practice of using a single slang word that will not cause offence