Boyology comes in all shapes and sizes

Boyology comes in all shapes and sizes

1st May 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Sizes and shapes

The size and shape of a boys’ bits varies from child to child and so they should. In just the way hair is different in its texture, colour, length so it is with every part of the baby whether boy or girl.

Stop boasting or worrying

Why men and some women giggle or press the idea that ‘big is best’ when it comes to this one part of our anatomy I do not understand. Nan says ‘ Boys get over it and girls stop playing into the mythology’.

Value difference

Difference is wonderful. We are each unique. There is no perfect shape, size or length.

Learning through touch – them not you 

Any toddler will vacantly touch and pull at parts of their body in an absent minded moment or when nappies are being changed.

One of my young charges, early on his walking career, grabbed hold of his equipment with great vigour.  He pulled it towards his mouth.  Needless to say he was a very long way from achieving his aim.

But as all babies and young  toddlers learn about objects through their mouths, as well as sight and touch, this was a reasonable plan.  His intention was well meant.

The result? His little legs suddenly disappeared from under him and he toppled onto his back.

Bored with this discovery he resorted to a nearby toy more easy to manage.

Upsetting the visitors

One of the children developed a habit of stripping off …when he was about 2.

At home this was fine. It denoted him being in a relaxed and happy mood

When guests were present it was a little different. In fact if there were guests he liked to strip even more.

On one occasion an elderly lady was present who had been playing happily with the children

Then when our ‘stripper’  started to unclothe himself. She looked a little stunned.

When he was naked on the floor throwing his legs in the air she blushed deep red and left the room.

We all smiled and began the battle of reclothing him while the guest was reclaimed from the kitchen.

Tip Tips

  • Try not to make anything of a child touching their boyological bits. It is healthy curiosity.
  • How to protect themselves and ensure the privacy of their parts will come  
  • Remember your guests may have different views about naked expression
  • Respect your guests and explain your children.