Three meals a day or maybe more

Three meals a day or maybe more

27th November 2020By nanhoodadminNo Comments


Blahhhh to three meals a day. My wee chappies feed like little birds one day and absolute beasts the next. We are working towards three times a day but it’s just not a natural cycle for energetic little people. 

No more parent panics

My days of parent panics are over. I used to push food on my daughter on her ‘little bird’ days. I now see she did not need it. 

Rolling with their rhythm

I am learning to roll with the boys natural rhythm.  No baby or toddler starves themselves…. So my mantra has become “If a well child eats little one day do not worry” . 

The boys want food more often than the 3 meals a day tradition. Fitting in 3 meals means leaving gaps of 4-6 hours between those meals. Way too long for a little tummy. 

Making mini meals

Try making mini meals 5 times a day.  Be patient and creative. Colour in foods helps… Red mashed beetroot, beans mixed with crushed apples, roasted and chopped sweet potatoes, green peas from the pod for fun, steamed carrots and lentils, yellow sweet corn …all tempt the taste buds.  Each meal does not have to be a three courser but thinking about them as meals avoids the snack trap. 

Top Tips

  1. Plan small meals 5 times a day instead of instilling the snack habit
  2. Look at what they eat over a week and not just a day
  3. Days can be ‘beast or bird’ try not to mix them up