Powering up for reading at bedtime as ageing kicks in

Powering up for reading at bedtime as ageing kicks in

11th November 2019By nanhoodadminNo Comments

Power up reading at bedtime as ageing kicks in

I love reading with the boys at bedtime. But ageing makes the job tougher.

Holding up the light

As my eyesight fades, reading becomes increasingly difficult. Light helps but putting on the room light spotlights distractions galore.

Using the torch on my phone works, though balancing books and a phone is a challenge. Gales of laughter when the phone dropped onto one grandson’s head. He was wide awake after that.

Snuggling up…and I mean UP in bed.

When my eldest grandson reached four he needed more space in his little bedroom. IKEA came to the rescue. A flexible bed able to work as a bunk bed, providing storage,  a second mattress or just open space underneath. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/cat/childrens-beds-18723/?page=2

We had all thought he would pick the underneath but no. It was to be the top bunk. The second IKEA gain was that his staggered stack of box containers, https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/trofast-storage-combination-white-pink-s89857541/    These were put alongside to create a very wide staircase. He could safely get into bed unaided. Then it was me…

Climbing the staircase to heaven

He expected me to join him and in semi darkness. I have to say it was easier than my beating heart suggested. Nan could confidently climb right up.  But standing on the upper step was not the end of it. I had to snuggle up with him under his quilt before he was ready for stories. The temptation to slip into my own dream world was great but the endless fidgets and squeals kept me going.

‘Invitation to attend’ 

His little brothers have taken to joining him but they are not so welcome at 5am! An ‘invitation to attend’ has been agreed. I would love to say the junior team abide by it but that would be a fib. The bed gave him the chance to invite his cousin to stay over  which in his crowded home was not an option before.

A time for listening 

It has become a time not just for reading but for listening too. I found him happy to chatter about school as we jossled to find a comfortable fit in the space. Every story began with ‘Now Nan did you know….’ each story he shared with me gave me a warm glow just as I hoped the stories I read for him did too.

Top Tips 

  • Make bedtime a time to snuggle and listen as well as read
  • Never redesign a bedroom to make reading more difficult.