About Me

Since becoming a Nan I have regained my love of childhood.  I’m a grandparent of boys. Mother of a girl, a woman brought up by a wonderful Mum.  I struggled when my (much smarter and more creative) daughter announced ‘It’s a boy’. 

“What do I do?”

Nanhood shares my experiences, struggles, battles, laughter and the love of my gorgeous grandsons.

Stereotypes fail our children

Thinking about how to avoid gender stereotypes. How should colours, toys, interests, discipline, diet work for the boys? There are some irrefutable differences but so much is just the same.  

My journey

Over 40 years I worked around and about children. My love of and respect for children in our communities took me to Nigeria, USA and around the 4 nations of the UK.

My work

Enabling children to voice their own views and opinions is powerful.   I have been described as ‘terrier like in pursuing children’s rights into the hear of Government.’ My work on ‘public health and adolescents’, Youth Matters, Youth Crime Action Plan, Children at Risk  and Every Child Matters was always child centred.  I was confident ‘speaking truth to power’. Talking with our boys who hold the power over my heart and time is my new inspiration.

A new future

Every child matters, everywhere. I adore their bright and fresh view of life. To them everything is interesting.  Having always loved bringing together separate issues into one place to create something new or to find new solutions now being inspired by the boys adds a fresh dimension. 

Now I am dancing through life. Using knowledge and expertise picked up on the way, to write Nanhood. My views  are informed by those of others I have met on the way….and the wonderful array of family and friends who still enrich my life.

I have not plastered this blog with photos and identifiable data about my grandsons. Their lives belong to them. The boys safety is in my hands. Their identity is for them to define.

Nanhood's Little Helpers

Life has been rich with talented, honest, open, creative and generous people. Those who have helped me bring Nanhood to life I like to call ‘Nanhood’s Little Helpers’.


When you have been around as long as me you get lucky to meet lots of people.

Firstly thank you to my amazing friend who has drawn me and the boys for the Nanhood website. She produces fantastic illustrations although not while we are in COVID-19 lockdown. My COVID ART would have left my art teacher wincing.

My designer… another young woman and great friend…. digitalises everything. She crafts this 20th century woman into 21st century Nanhood

If you wish to contact me or any of Nan’s Little Helpers you can at livingnanhood@gmail.com  I may quote you in another blog unless you tell me otherwise.